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Craibstone Junior Development Section - Short Game Testing- If you cant measure it you can’t Improve it

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Every Saturday and Sunday, we run Clubgolf Classes for kids of all ages, ranging from as young as 6 to 14.

Classes are held between 2pm and 4pm on Saturdays and 12pm to 3pm on Sundays, during this time the practice facility is closed.

I recently added a new initiative to our Junior programme, specifically targeted for the more advanced juniors to Develop their physical skills as well as improve their Self management skills, allowing them to take responsibility for their progression and improvement.

In order to improve, one must first know where to start.

It must first start with Testing your current skill level, during the last 3 sessions , we have been conducting intensive Short game Tests to highlight key areas that require improvement.

From this we can help formulate a Plan for Improvement, if you don’t have a Plan, then you will find yourself drifting from one point of focus to another and end up chasing your tail.

In all my Development Programmes I incorporate tests to evaluate and simulate on course conditions.

If your goal is to improve your Driving  and all you do is practice hitting 50 drives, one after the other on the driving range, You will NOT IMPROVE.

Scientists have proven, that your brain loses interest after 5-6 shots, so all of you who practice in a Block style, one shot after another will see short term improvement on the range, but unfortunately, absolutely NO improvement on the Course.

To learn how to Practice to Get Better, book a Practice with a Purpose lesson with Lee by email - or call 07968025781


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