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Have you tried the TrackMan Challenge

Friday 5th May 2017

TrackMan has made it so much easier for the PGA Coach to assess a players all round game with the TrackMan Combine Test.

The TrackMan Combine Test is a 60 shot Test , where a player will hit shots to a specific target , starting from 60 yards and working in 10 yard increments up to 100 yards, then 20 yard increments up to 180 yards and then finishing with the diver.

Each shot is awarded a score out of 100, then all shots are totalled to give you a final score out of 100 and also your relative handicap based on this score.

This test also allows the experienced coach to observe subtle differences in a players approach and routine during each shot, due to the added perceived pressure as each player works there way they through the test, the coach can detect movement patterns which affect the players outcomes and also see differences in their routines.

The best players in the world regularly Challenge themselves with this test in practice, as it best simulates real life competition.

I last took this test myself in March and scored 85 out of 100, which is equivalent to a plus 3 handicap. My total score finished in the top 35 in the world for the month of March, which is posted on hot Worldwide TrackMan Leaderboard.

The best official score ever is 92.

To test your game against the best in the world , or to find out just what specific areas of your game , require the most attention, book your Combine Test  at The Craibstone Golf Studio, by emailing or call me on 07968025781 and experience a tour level practice environment. I am running a Combine Test Leaderboard, with the top score in each category at the end of the season winning a special prize.

This is also a great way to check your club yardages and see if the clubs you are using are properly suited for your game.

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