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What do you say to yourself after hitting a Poor shot on the course?

Tuesday 26th September 2017

The question you ask yourself after hitting any golf shot on the course will determine how well you can perform.

Do you say to yourself "What did I do wrong" or is it "Here we go again", it may even be " I'm rubbish at golf"

The quality of your questions will determine your progress in golf and in life!

A better question to ask could be "What was my Tempo like on that swing" or " Was my Balance good" or even " Did I commit to that shot?

If you continually hit poor shots, then you would need to Improve your Technique, but if you hit the ball well in practice but not in competition, then this is almost certainly a Mental Game issue.

In order to Perform well in competition, a golfer needs to Develop a Players Mindset.

In almost every lesson I give, establishing the correct Playing Mindset is the top priority.

I see so many golfers hitting balls on the range, and hit them well. when it comes time to transfer to the course, they have lost their Rhythm and Swing. 

The reason being, they did not esteablish the correct Mindset for dealing with the Pressure of competitive golf.

To Find your Ideal Playing Mindset which will unlock your Free Flowing Fluid Swing, contact me on 07968025781 or email

As Jack Nicklaus said "Golf is 60% Mental and 40% Physical" Jack had the strongest Mindset of any golfer, if you are not developing your Mental Strengths then you are not looking in the right place.

At the Craibstone Indoor/ Outdoor Academy, we are gearing up for my New Winter Developmental Programme which incorporates Technical, Mental and Physical areas of Improvement regardless of the weather, with TrackMan Launch Monitor and E6 Golf Simulator get real time feedback, as well as test yourself in a Game Like environment.


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