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Are you wasting your time Practising?

 Yes, I understand that the statement above sounds strange- surely in order to improve I must practice, I hear you say?

And, yes, you are correct- you MUST practice in order to improve your Skills. But, it's HOW you are practising that will determine if you can take it to the  golf course and PERFORM under the Pressure of competition.

Most golfers will stand and hit shot after shot with the same club to the same target time and time again! Now, this is okay when working on a specific Technical Change - this form of practice has been termed "Block Practice"- you need to be fully engaged mentally for this type of practice to change your old habits to new habits.

However, does improving your technique enable you to perform better in the course?

Well, unless you are adding Game Like conditions to your Practice, then you will find your scores will not change .

Peak Performers in Sport- make their practice sessions harder than the actual game conditions!

What does this look like? - for example/ hit a Driver in between 2 flags 25 yards apart, follow this up with a 6 iron to a different target- monitoring where it finished- then hit a 50 yard Pitch to another target- all the time using an Effective Pre- Shot Routine. 

This type of practice is called - RANDOM practice and when done correctly- will simulate Game Like conditions- to learn more about Effective Practise Strategies - sign up for my Lower Your Scores by 5 Shots Programme. Email-