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Driving Tip #2

 When setting up to hit your Driver, make sure your Spine is at the correct angle.

To strike your driver properly, you must strike the ball on the UP Swing.

The majority of golfers meet the ball, when the clubhead is still travelling downwards. This will cause you to slice,pull and make it  difficult getting the ball up in the air.

Next time you go to practise/ play.

1. Play the ball opposite your left heel.

2. Tilt your spine slightly to the right, so you have 60% of your weight on your right foot.

3. Turn your right foot a quarter turn to the right, this will make it easier to turn your hips, and swing the driver on a shallower angle.

4. Remember to keep your arms very, very relaxed. Clubhead speed comes from Flexibility, tension destroys clubhead speed.

This is why, when you hit your best shots, it doesn't feel like you hit hard at all. Keep doing it, that's how it's supposed to feel.

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