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How Aware Are You?

 Next time you make a golf swing and hit a ball. I want you to ask yourself what you were aware of while you were making your golf swing.

If like most of the golfers who play this game, your answer is, I was aware of the strike of the club and ball! 

What you need to know is, What are Top players aware of?

Professional Golfers and Top Amateurs are very aware of their whole body while swinging. They are aware  of their Grip pressure changes, they are Aware if their Arms Tighten, they are aware of their Self Talk, they are aware of their Rhythm and Balance.

In order for you to Improve the quality and consistency of your Ball Striking you need to sense when and if Tension creeps in to your Body.

This typically happens to all golfers on the first tee and especially when you are going well and the finishing post is near. 

If you are having trouble with Tension and Unwanted thoughts , you need to book a lesson with me on How to Release Body Tension and replace unwanted/ distracting thoughts with Ideal Performance Thoughts!!

Progress does not begin until Awareness is Activated.

All things are possible, once you find out How To.