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Simple thoughts to Improve your Putting

 Good putters are good, because they keep things Simple and Think Good Thoughts.

1. Consistent Set - up to the Ball.

Your eyes should be in a position that will allow you to see a straight line to the hole.

for most people, this means positioning your eyes directly over the ball.

Alignment- Aim putter face where you want the ball to start, Aim your Body to allow you to swing the putter correctly.

The MOST Important part of your body to AIM is your shoulders, they must be square with your putter face alignment.

Grip. How you place your hands on the handle, determines the amount of wrist action you will use.As we don't want any wrist action, place the handle in the palm of your left hand, so it runs staight up your forearm, with both thumbs on top of the handle.

Ball position, between middle and left heel. Practise to see which is right for you.

Great putters never doubt the line they pick, once you pick the line, Comitt and Trust your stroke.

A tip for the 3 footers, Listen don't Look for the ball going in.

We have a putting studio at the Accademy, so even if it rains,you can have a putting lesson.