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Understanding How The Golf Club is to be used!

 Anyone trying to Improve the Quality of their Golf shots, must first understand How the Golf Club is supposed to move thru the Impact Area.

The majority of golfers are trying to hit the ball with the clubhead. Good ball strikers understand that to hit the ball well, they need to Focus on keeping their hands and Clubshaft in front of the clubhead/ ball thru Impact. That is, you must not use your wrists to flick/ flip.

If your golf balls are flying off in all different directions, try the following drill.

With a 7 iron, address a ball and make a half swing. Stop/ pause.

next step is to hit the ball from this static position, without using your arms.

The only way to do this, is to slide your hips to the target, and rotate or pivot your whole body to a half follow thru.

When done correctly, your weight will be balanced on your left foot, with your whole body facing the target  and your Clubshaft and Arms pointing towards your target.

The ball should fly straight and quite low, and you should also see that you are taking a divot after you hit the ball.

Practising this drill regularly will Improve your Pivot, which will Improve your consistency.

Which adds up to lower scores and more FUN.