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What to do when you lose your swing?

Next time you find yourself in the middle of a great round, when everything is going well. Then suddenly,you hit a wayward drive, or 3 putt from nowhere, or make a poor decision. All these outcomes, usually are followed by more bad shots, higher scores and result in you coming off the last green with a poor score and feeling totally dejected.

 Let me give you the formula for when the alarm bells go off. Usually, when you are playing well, you start counting your score and think about how low you may go. As soon as this happens, just tell yourself to STOP. You must keep focusing on the next shot you are about to play. 1. Visualise the shot you want.

                       2. Feel the swing you want to make, ie, make a Practise swing.

                       3. Trust your swing, ie, Commit to it.

                       4. Tempo .  Keep your Tempo consistent.


If you are having trouble finishing off a good round, the trouble is almost always Mental.

For help improving your Mental Game, call Lee Vannet on 07968025781, or email