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Your First Move MUST be Correct

 If you want to become a consistently good ball striker, then you have to move the club away correctly for the first 3 feet of the Backswing. So many mistakes happen either before we begin our backswing or during the first part of the backswing.

Assuming you are standing correctly to the ball( by the way, most golfers don't ) then the correct take away is one where the triangle formed by your shoulders/ arms and hands move away together. This is commonly known as the One Piece Takeaway .

As a checkpoint to make sure you are doing this correctly, if you can stop your backswing 3 feet in to your takeaway, your clubhead/ shaft MUST be pointing at the invisible line drawn back from the target to your ball and beyond.

 If you place a ball 3 feet behind and in line with the ball you are about to hit, then this will serve as the check point talked about above.

Practise this move over and over, and you will be on your way to Laser like golf shots.

If you happen to be coming to the members meeting on Thursday 30th at 7 pm, I will be available to answer any questions you may have.