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Meet our staff - head chef Tomasz

Friday 14th February 2020

Meet Tomasz our head chef at the Brimmond Bistro.

Tomasz has been here since we opened in 2011, and with his hard work and passion for serving quality food a loyal following has been built up.

We continually work on improving our menu items and with a number of different daily specials the choices are endless for your dining requirements. Tomasz will try out new dishes or add different garnishes and sauces to our menu items always looking to improve things. We also sell a number of home made chutney jars freshly prepared in our kitchen. We are always looking to attract more people to our Bistro and our popular themed nights gives Tomasz and his team an opportunity to cook different menus and dishes and we are sure that everyone who has been to one, realise that the food is always top quality.

Why not pay the Bistro a visit and try for yourself our home cooked dishes.


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