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How far should you stand from the Ball with your Driver


With advice on Setting up to Smash your Driver , click on the link and subscribe to Lee Vannet Golf for more tips on golf

Are you wasting your time Practising?

 Yes, I understand that the statement above sounds strange- surely in order to improve I… More

Are you Happy with your Golf Game

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Having Trouble with your Putting

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Your First Move MUST be Correct

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Simple thoughts to Improve your Putting

 Good putters are good, because they keep things Simple and Think Good Thoughts. 1. Consistent… More

Understanding How The Golf Club is to be used!

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How Aware Are You?

 Next time you make a golf swing and hit a ball. I want you to… More

Stop that Slice!

 80% of all Glolfers Slice their Drives! If you are one of them, you need… More

When in doubt, play 2 Balls

 Whenever you find yourself in a Stroke- Play competition and you are unsure of the… More

Driving Tip #2

 When setting up to hit your Driver, make sure your Spine is at the correct… More

Repetition is the Secret to being both a Good or Bad Golfer

 Whether you are a consistently good golfer or a consistently poor golfer. You are making… More

The real shot is your 2nd serve in Tennis

In Tennis, if your first serve is wide, you get to play another for free.… More

What to do when you lose your swing?

Next time you find yourself in the middle of a great round, when everything is… More