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Membership Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Craibstone Golf Club and Marshall Leisure

Players are the invited persons paying annual fees to use Craibstone Golf Course and all the associated facilities i.e. Clubhouse, Driving Range/Short Game Area.

  1. Fees are to be paid in full by 28th February, or by the monthly Direct Debit Agreement. Non-compliance with the direct debit agreement shall see your playing rights suspended until either your agreement is paid in full or back on schedule. No refunds will be given to anyone resigning after the 4th of May.
  2. All players are reminded they must check in at the golf shop even if booking with the online booking system and have their membership card swiped at all times. Invited guests must always present themselves at the golf shop/office before play and the appropriate fees paid before play. This is the responsibility of the inviting player.
  3. Players wishing to play golf before the standard first tee off time must always book in advance as there will be no guarantee this is acceptable.
  4. No golf shoes to be worn in area of the Brimmond Bistro.
  5. Please adhere to the Golf Rules and Golfing Etiquette at all times and especially the rules on repairing pitch marks, replacing divots, raking bunkers AND SLOW PLAY. (Refer to any general good golf rule book.)
  6. Alcohol cannot be consumed during a round of golf unless previously arranged with the Golf Management.
  7. A Dress Code is in operation (see separate list below) and any player not adhering may be requested to leave.
  8. All players should have a valid golf handicap, if not they may be requested to take an ability test with the resident Golf Professional.  Club Competition Rules are displayed on the club notice board.
  9. Any complaints or queries must be directed to the Golf Manager in the proper manner either verbally or in writing. Any further grievance arising should be placed in writing to the owners.
  10. The management reserve the right to restrict the total playing numbers and type of player. An applicant would be informed of any such restrictions which may affect an application and may be placed on a waiting list.
  11. The management reserves the right to refuse a) any application for persons to enrol with Marshall Leisure at Craibstone Golf Course as a golf fee payer and/or b) any person eligible to be a guest or use any of the facilities and is not obliged in either case to provide a reason.
  12. You are permitted to use the facilities (ie the golf course, practice areas, Brimmond Bistro and others) at Craibstone Golf Course only with the permission of the proprietor or his representatives and he/they reserve the right to withdraw or suspend this permission at any time without reason. If this permission is permanently withdrawn prior to 31st May, Marshall Leisure will refund the proportion of your fees for the remainder of the year from that date. Thereafter no refund will be given.
  13. A list of persons not permitted to use the facilities (under suspension or permanently) is available on request.
  14. The management have the right to implement, apply add or change any of the above rules at their discretion without prior notice.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your golf and the appropriate facilities. Thank you for your support and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with you all.


Dress Code

  1. St.Patricks Day Dress at Craibstone Golf ClubAll players should be properly attired at all times while playing golf, here are some of the guide lines we expect players to follow.
  2. Only golf shoes can be worn whilst playing golf.
  3. Smart casual shirts/tops must be worn at all times.
  4. Singlet /sleeveless vests & football type shirts or shorts are not permitted.
  5. Smart casual trousers, shorts, skirts  must be worn at all times.
  6. Jeans, military style, combat or camouflage style trousers/shorts, and or trousers track suit types are not permitted.
  7. Soft spiked golf shoes are not permitted to be worn in the clubhouse.
  8. Bare or stocking feet are not permitted.
  9. Also note mobile phones are not permitted to be used during the playing of a round of golf, unless in a medical emergency.
  10. Smoking is not permitted inside any area of the clubhouse.
  11. Children under the age of 14 must always be accompanied by an adult.



The Golf Course and surrounding area is for the primary use of golfers, although there are designated walking areas on the boundaries of the golf course and golfers should be aware of the potential presence of these walkers. Signage will be displayed advising the walkers of the dangers of leaving the designated walking routes.


Score Recording and Handicap System

There is a terminal in the corridor for you to sign into the system and then post your score after the medal. There is also a touch screen monitor in the bar for the same purpose.

You can check your handicap status on the website. New members will have to hand in three cards to obtain an official handicap, any queries please talk to Derek Cruickshank, General Manager.