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Holes 1-9

1st - "Parkhead"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 14
  • White tees – 351 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 317 yards


  • Red Tees – 311 yards  (Stroke Index 14)

Pro's Tip

Keep right off the tee an iron is all you need off the tee to position yourself for a short approach shot but beware over-shooting the green, as a difficult pitch back is awaiting you. 2 bunkers guard the left and right of the fairway and one at right side of the green which is mainly flat but can be tricky.

2nd - "Ichie nor Ochie"

  • Par 3 – stroke Index 12
  • White tees – 135 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 130 yards


  • Red Tees – 124 yards  (Stroke Index 16)

Pro's Tip

Club choice all important as the target is well protected by bunkering on all sides, plays longer than it looks, slightly uphill if anything with a 2 tier green and 4 bunkers, 3 at the front /sides and one over the back so precision is required 

3rd - "Sunnybank"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 4
  • White tees – 374 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 368 yards


  • Red Tees – 346 yards   (Stroke Index 5)

Pro's Tip

Good strong par 4, straight and long off the tee is required, watch out for fairway bunkers on both sides of fairway and ditch running up the left side. Green slopes back to front so leave your ball below the hole for an easier putt. Guarded by 2 deep greenside bunkers this can be one of the fastest greens on the course. 

4th - "Goughburn"

  • Par 5 – stroke Index 13
  • White tees – 487 yards
  • Yellow Tees - 481 yards


  • Red Tees – 457 yards  (Stroke Index 7)

Pro's Tip

Wide Fairway but good position all important off the tee to avoid being blocked out by trees down right hand side after bunker, couple of fairway bunkers on both sides of fairway. A burn runs across the fairway 80yds short of the green so could be a lay up for some players,  means only the brave should go for the green in two. Green guarded by 2 bunkers at entrance.

5th - "Lang Dander"

  • Par 5 – stroke Index 2
  • White tees – 574 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 517 yards


  • Red Tees – 505 yards  (Stroke Index 2)

Pro's Tip

Long par 5 uphill from white tee ,straight hitting required O.B. on left plenty room on the right, bunkers well placed for drive and 2nd & 3rd shots all the way up to this long narrow green with one bunker at front right of green and another about 60 yards short. Keeping the ball on the fairway will help to set up a birdie chance. If you do get one celebrate .

6th - "Laverock Lee"

  • Par 3 – stroke Index 8
  • White tees – 195 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 189 yards


  • Red Tees – 173 yards  (Stroke Index 11)

Pro's Tip

Nice view on this par 3 but tricky with the entrance to the green narrow at the front and bunkers both sides. An accurate shot is required here, slightly down hill from the tee to the sloping green. Trees all down right side and a copse of trees on left to catch a pulled tee shot.

7th - "Muckle Dunt"

  • Par 3 – stroke Index 10
  • White tees – 183 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 177 yards


  • Red Tees – 153 yards (Stroke Index 17)

Pro's Tip

A more forgiving Par 3, with a large green but be careful of bunkers guarding the green on both sides and do not go over the back as you will left with a real tricky shot out of thick rough. Not an easy green to read depending on where the pin is placed.

8th - "Jolly’s Howe"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 16
  • White tees – 308 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 296 yards


  • Red Tees – 255 yards     (Stroke Index 10)

Pro's Tip

Dog-leg left with trouble both sides bunker up the left in the semi-rough and bunker guarding the left side of the green . An accurate tee shot will leave a shortish approach to a very sloping two tier green not as easy a hole as it seems.

9th - "West Woods"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 6
  • White tees – 381 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 371 yards


  • Red Tees – 365 yards  (Stroke Index 4)

Pro's Tip

Another great viewing hole, keep left off the tee to avoid fairway bunker on the right. Keep out of semi rough both sides of fairway otherwise water hazard comes ito play for all second shots . Green is 2 tier again guarded by 2 deep bunkers on left and one short right, take a club more to avoid them.