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Holes 10-18

10th - "Peerie Weerie"

  • Par 3 – stroke Index 17
  • White tees – 158 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 128 yards


  • Red Tees – 125 yards  (Stroke Index 18)

Pro's Tip

Plays longer than it looks, but don’t be big as trouble awaits over the back, flat green guarded by 3 bunkers, 2 on the left and one on the right. Playing short allows an opportunity to get a kick off the bank. Good birdie opportunity to start off the back nine.

11th - "Gruesome Glen"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 1
  • White tees – 362 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 355 yards


  • Red Tees – 329 yards    (Stroke Index 3)

Pro's Tip

Signature Hole Stoke Index 1 for gents. An accurate tee shot required here beware of O.B. up left onto the 14th Hole, and deep rough up the right, play a provisional if you push your tee shot. Trouble all along this narrow fairway leading up to a a narrow green, most times a blind second shot, but be aware there is trouble both sides if you push or pull your second. Only hole on the course with no bunkers, difficult enough!! 

12th - "Wee Bogle"

  • Par 3 – stroke Index 7
  • White tees – 181 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 156 yards


  • Red Tees – 119 yards  (Stroke Index 13)

Pro's Tip

Great par 3 no room for error here trouble all sides of the green, the only bail out shot is short left but there is space at the right side of the green. Watch out for a deep bunker short left of the green so getting club right is important here. 2 tier green if pin at the back can be a long putt to get onto top level.

13th - "Whigmaleerie"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 3
  • White tees – 398 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 377 yards


  • Red Tees – 350 yards  (Stroke Index 1)

Pro's Tip

Long strong Par 4 so a solid tee shot is required. Trouble left and steep bank right with semi rough which prevents ball coming all the way down to fairway. Don’t be too long and left otherwise you risk running into the pond, bit of course management required here. Watch out for three bunkers protecting right side of green, again dont be too bold as over the back is not the place to be. The green has large swail in the middle which gathers the ball most times. Scoring par here is always acceptable.

14th - "Elrick"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 11
  • White tees – 393 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 339 yards


  • Red Tees – 327 yards   (Stroke Index 8)

Pro's Tip

Shortish Par 4 with trouble on both sides, heavy rough on left and trees on the right. Get over the hill and the second is straightforward as long as you miss the right hand side fairway bunker. Green is straighforward with slope from back to front with a bunker protecting front left. Longer hitters will be disappointed if a birdie is not achieved. Remember to RING the BELL.  

15th - "Brimmond View"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 15
  • White tees – 330 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 290 yards


  • Red Tees – 255 yards   (Stroke Index 15)

Pro's Tip

Straight forward hole but keep left as there is more room than you can see as it is a blind tee shot, only 2 bunkers at the greenside. Large green with big slope back to front be careful on dry days as can be tricky if you leave yourself a downhill putt. 

16th - "Green Welltree"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 18
  • White tees – 306 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 283 yards


  • Red Tees – 278 yards  (Stroke Index 12)

Pro's Tip

Short par 4 tempting to go for the green, but be aware of O.B. left and the ditch about 30yds short of the green , fairway bunkers waiting to catch you down the right side or short left on the hill. Another 2 bunkers protecting the sloping from back to front green, if you dont get a birdie here you think you have dropped a shot. 

17th - "Scunner"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 9
  • White tees – 348 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 333 yards


  • Red Tees – 316 yards   (Stroke Index 6)

Pro's Tip

Good all round hole again big hitters can cut off quite bit round the corner with cunning fairway bunker placement left and right . Trees all down the left to needs a big carry to cut the corner completely. A right to left tee shot will be rewarded with a big wide fairway though. Green protected by 1 bunker on the left side always a difficult green to read, with slopes from front to bank and from right to left.

18th - "Hame Heft"

  • Par 4 – stroke Index 5
  • White tees – 412 yards
  • Yellow Tees – 362 yards


  • Red Tees – 316 yards   (Stroke index 9)

Pro's Tip

A superb finishing hole named “haste ye back” tee shot gives great satisfaction here, big tree in the centre of the fairway which if you are slightly left gives you the best angle to attack the green but watch out going down the right side bunkers there to catch the wayward shots, generous fairway once you get past the big tree, large green protected by 2 bunkers.

Enjoy the views as you walk up to the final green and the 19th Hole and we hope you have enjoyed the challenge of Craibstone today and we see you back on the fairways again soon.