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Morning Yoga with Sandra Cook at the Brimmond Bistro

Monday 5th November 2018

Looking for place for morning yoga? Place where you can feel confortable and relaxed?

Join our intructor Sandra Cook who is practicing yoga for over 30 years.
Our morning session run every Thursday from 7:30am for an hour and finish it with lovely light breakfast.
Our session yoga is for everyone – women and men for young and mature with different capibilities.

Practicing Yoga can help provide us with the tools to cope with the daily challenges in life. The movements - asanas - are done slowly and medatively, and are combined with breath awareness - pranayama. Yoga tones the muscles without straining them, promotes healthy blood flow, combats fatigue, balances the neuro-endocrine system, stabilizes emotions and reduces stress. The physical body is flexed and strengthened in order to sit still, enabling us to explore the deeper reaches of meditation.

Don't wait, come along and have some fun!

If you need more information please contact Sandra Cook on: Mobile 07708 577 379


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