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11th tee is looking flat!!

Friday 17th January 2020

Our greenkeeping staff have been hard at work this week levelling out the 11th tee, the grass was stripped back and for a couple of days we carted in loads of topsoil before it was all level and today the grass was put back on and laid nice and flat, it is looking really good.

This is one of our major tasks now almost complete and to continue our list of improvements we have the last few holes to report upon. 

This year there is no work planned on holes 14 and 15. Hole 16 has received a number of new drains and we still have some drainage work to do on the fairway side of the ditch. We also intend planting some trees to shield the house to try and stop some of you landing in our neighbours garden, and also maybe plant some more trees down the right hand side. 

Hole 17 is going to see the apron improved upon on the left hand side of the green, and on hole 18 we are going to extend the fairway back towards the tee and also remove some of the branches on the right hand side trees, and even though there has been requests and many wishes the tree on the fairway will remain in place.

Obviously with a lot of work being done in different areas there are a lot of tyre marks on the course at the moment, but please dont worry a few dry days and a lot of these will start to disappear and as soon as the grass starts to grow it will all be back to normal. 

We are really pleased at how well the winter maintenance tasks are ongoing and once everything comes together then I think we will all be excited at the finished look. 


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