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Course Remains Closed Sun 4th October and Mon 5th October

Sunday 4th October 2020

UPDATE for Monday 5th October  - the course will remain closed on Monday 5th October 

UPDATED AT 11.30AM - everything is still saturated, especially fairways and tees, greens are improving slowly and our new ponds remain on 4th, 15th and 16th - so the Course will remain CLOSED for the rest of the day - next inspection will be at 7am on Monday morning.

Well that was an interesting night of weather, unfortunately our poor course is looking rather wet and although we all know it drains very well, its going to take some time for this deluge from Storm Alex to disappear.

Apologies for some of the pictures it was still raining quite heavy when I was out reviewing the course, but it will let you see the extent of the lying water.

As you know I'll play in anything but there is a time when you have to draw the line and say NO, not even I would try that today, therefore course will remain closed for the remainder of the day. I will review things at noon (ever the case mother nature decides to give us a respite and a drying wind and one of the forecasts is right) and will update website and booking sheet accordingly.

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