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General Manager Appointed

Wednesday 4th April 2018

Marshall Leisure are pleased to announce that Derek Cruickshank will be taking on the role of General Manager. 

"When the opportunity arose at Craibstone, I thought that now was the time to step up and take on the responsibility of making Craibstone one of the best facilities for leisure in the North East of Scotland.

Having been involved in many aspects right from the beginning I know how things operate and feel that this knowledge along with my enthusiasm and passion for the place will help to make the whole business grow.

We have a good team at Craibstone right through from the Bistro to the course to the office to the studio and with my experience I can hopefully lead them all on the journey we are about to undertake in raising the standard across the whole organisation. Although my background is in finance and accounts, over my near 19 years at Marshall Trailers I have been heavily involved in many different areas and picked up so much knowledge that will only help the business.

With system changes occurring at Marshall Trailers, the timing was almost just about right, to allow a new person to come in and take over my current role. Over the next few months I have a commitment to continue the trailers administration so have to devote the majority of my time at this business whilst also getting on top of the leisure business operations.

There will be challenges ahead and there will be errors made, but I learn very quickly.  I welcome the opportunity to take on this new responsibility and add some stability and continuity to the business.

Having played and met with a number of our members over the years, I think we are lucky that we have a friendly bunch who participates in a number of our events. Hopefully I get the chance to meet a number of you over the coming months before I take on my new role full time. In the interim I will be on site every day at different times but call the office or the mobile if you have any issues to discuss."

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