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Gents Competitions Commence Saturday and Sunday

Wednesday 24th June 2020

This weekend sees the start of the Gents Competitions with Stablefords arranged for both Saturday and Sunday, a gentle start, mind you with the amount of golf played by some, we are expecting some good scores to come in.

The following guide will let you know what is happening


  • Gents Competitions are on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays – we block off certain times for competition play, BUT competitions can be played the whole day it is not just restricted to the blocked times, we do this so bounce games do not end up in the middle of everyone playing competitions at the popular tee times.
  • Booking times for the blocked off competitions are as follows, Saturdays (8 days prior), Sundays (14 days prior) and Wednesdays (7 days prior) all times are available at 7am.
  • All Gents comps are played from the white tees, seniors’ majority are yellow although some white rounds are also played, ladies and juniors are from reds.
  • For each competition you need to sign in (touchscreens are not operational at present) so if you have the HOWDIDIDO app on your phone – go to todays golf, pick the competition and sign in. 
  • If you can’t sign in on your phone then advise office and we shall sign you in to competition, THIS MUST be done before you tee off
  • SWEEPS – we will be doing the sweeps again, optional £2 (payable cash only)[we know everything else is card only, but sweeps are separate from tills and has to be cash], there is a pot divided up for anyone getting a 2 on any hole and a pot divided up for divisional winners (Div.1 0-10, Div.2 11-18, Div.3 19-36)
  • Scorecards – mark your OWN SCORE and also mark one of your playing partners score so you can verify scores at end of your round. Only sign your own card – you DO NOT NEED another signature on your card. We still need a physical scorecard to be handed in as all scores need to be verified as correct, exactly as before.
  • At end of round – log onto the Howdidido app and enter scores, you can do this as you go round but unless you are proficient on your phone, it is suggested to wait till after your round, as we don’t want play to be held up.
  • Again, if you can’t use the Howdidido app, come into office and standing at counter we shall enter your score as you read it out. Please be organised as people registering to play will have priority in the office.
  • If you want to play in comps and don’t have a BRS account set up as member, then ask in office and we shall get you set up. This can be done even if you are a member of another club and are only here for a couple of months as you can play in comps as an AWAY member and your scores will be recorded on your CDH number at your home club.
  • If you don’t have a handicap yet, then you need to hand in 3 scorecards which can be done from yellows or white tees, as long as the card is marked which tees were used your handicap will be calculated.

The Howdidido App is free to download and is compatible with majority of phones, if you are unsure how to operate this, dont worry we can assist.

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