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Golf club grip replacement available

Monday 11th February 2019

Something which seems as elementary as your golf club grips can make a huge difference to your game, taking as many as ten strokes off of your total score. It's a matter comfort; if you're not comfortable as you swing, you're not going to be at your best even if you have text book form. Keep reading to learn more about why your golf club grips matter. How Dull Grips Affect Your Game If your clubs are a bit older or have seen a lot of use since you've changed your grips, they are more than likely dull. Dull grips may be worn down to a smoother finish, have tears or if they are especially worn, may feel like they're hardly there anymore. Believe it or not, dull grips can really detract from your game. Suppose you take your first shot and it ends up in the trees, well off to the right of the green. Since it's your first shot, you don't worry so much about it; there's plenty of time to make it up, right? Wrong - your second shot veers off wildly to the left. Is it your stance? Your form? Is it your swing? Everything seems fine, so what's the issue here? The problem is more likely than not your golf club grips. If you're maintaining proper form, you're not gripping the club too tightly - with dull grips, this can cause the club to shift slightly at the peak of your backswing and even more during your follow through. This means you have less control over your shot; a new set of grips can remedy the problem.


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