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News update

Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Stop the gossip!! And let me introduce myself!

I am Charles Marshall and I’m currently managing director of Marshall Trailers.

At present I am in protracted negotiations with the liquidators and although I am the preferred bidder, we still have some legal issues to be resolved. However, please be assured I am proceeding as quickly as the legalities allow.

I have purchased Craibstone golf course as a long term investment; I’m not a golfer myself so this is very much a business venture. Contrary to rumours we are not in the short-term building houses or parking trailers on it, so you won’t need to look elsewhere for a golf course! We as a family have been in business in the area for almost 60 years. Our strategy throughout all our business interests has always been to supply a quality product or service at an affordable price. We believe passionately in reinvestment in our businesses and Craibstone will be no exception. However, I don’t and won’t operate at a loss so with your support we can all play our part and make Craibstone successful. I will be looking to make this a business that works throughout the whole year and not just the summer months, so by supporting the clubhouse, the whole club can benefit by allowing me to reinvest in your club.

Some of the things happening short-term to your club in this exciting new partnership:

  • Same Head Greenkeeper
  • New Staff within the club
  • New Company Name and Logo
  • Exciting new website (
  • Facility to book tee times online and by phone for those who wish to do so
  • Live webcam on 1st tee to watch the good and bad shots online!!
  • Potential new toilet facility at the 9th
  • Permanent repair to that smelly septic tank (might cause some unfortunate upheaval)
  • And many more new exciting developments will follow!

Please email me on or drop me a line with any feedback you have about the club. I can’t promise all the requests will be fulfilled but I will listen and over time you might be surprised.

Time is obviously against us, trying to get the various legalities resolved and I know it has been a concern to our members whether they have a club to play at. Basically this is now down to you! We are inviting you to be a part of a new beginning at Craibstone golf course, will you be rejoining?

Click on the intention to membership form on the right of this screen and we would be grateful if you could complete this and either email back to or by sending in the post to Marshall Leisure, Chapel Works, Bucksburn, Aberdeen, AB21 9TL.

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