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Race to Craigendarroch 2021 - Week 9 Result

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

After a break with snow we have been back for the last two weekends, and in the Race to Craigendarroch, Scott Anderson has stretched away on 36pts, Bronson Larkins is on 23pts, William Paterson is on 20pts and Roy Thomson and George Ross is on 17pts.

With 2 rounds left - the above named players are the only ones that can still win the weeks stay at Craigendarroch in early September 2021.

Eclectic results with 4 rounds left is tight in all divisions.

Division 1 has Michael Dalgarno and Andrew Finlay on 52, Ian Still on 53, Chris Polson and Craig Wilkinson on 54

Division 2 has Scott Anderson on 57, Jamie Eastcoft on 60, Mark Mundie on 61, David Adam and Derek Cruickshank o 62

Division 3 has Leon Grant on 65, Ricky Gordon on 67, Scott Williamson and Dean Watson on 68

Now that we are back onto summer greens and tees are back into a measured position, we are restarting counting competitions as from tomorrows Wed Roll Up, which will also be back into divisional sections as we have large entrants now playing.


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