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Serious Bad Etiqutte Bordering On Vadalism

Sunday 2nd October 2011

An incident took  place on the course yesterday 2/10/2011 in which 2 greens were quite badly damaged, this was the 8th and 11th greens , there was no doubt that this was caused by a player or players digging a club into the putting surface vigerously , the incident was reported  by players after play and i thank them for that but if in the future anyone who comes across this sort of situation again please could they call the office as soon as anything like this is discovered, i am almost sure we know the group  who or players that may have been  responsible but by the time it was reported they had gone, in light of this we ill now be asking for more information from visiting players as to name , address , present club and conatct details, had the culprits been caught believe me they would have been banned for life from Craibstone Golf Course and possibly the incident reported to the police.

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