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Short Game Masterclass Sessions

Tuesday 30th July 2019

The quickest way for a golfer to lower their score is to improve their short game.

In my Short Game Masterclass sessions - you will learn how to hole more putts from inside 6ft. How to read greens and how to lag those long putts up closer to the hole- there is a correlation between score and good lag putting- 80 shooters consistently leave long putts inside 3ft, 90 shooters leave long putts 4 feet from the hole and 100 shooters leave their long putts outside 5 feet- so learning how to leave your first putt 2ftt closer can save you 20 shots if you are a 100 shooter!

You will also learn the techniques required for chipping, pitching and bunker play in my new 3 week short game Masterclass!

Start date - Tuesday  13th August from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Cost - £60.00

Email to sign up.

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