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Short Game Pointers

Tuesday 5th December 2017

Last week Tuesday was the 3rd session of my Short Game Masterclass Group Clinic.

Each week we cover a different area of the Short Game, last weeks session was on Chipping.

Just so as we are clear on the matter, a Chip Shot, is a low running Shot.

To Play this Shot, think about it in terms of Putting.

Stand so as your eyes are almost directly over the ball and your club is almost vertical, just like the set up when you putt.

Feet should be close together with 80% of your weight leaning on your target side foot.

Make the swing with stiff wrists, focusing on your shoulders doing all the work, keep your arms/ hands and club in one unit, almost as if they were frozen.

Remember to strike slightly down and thru the ball, then hold your finish so your hands, remain in front of the club head.

If you would like to Lower your scores, the easiest way to do this, is to Improve your Short Game.

I offer individual lessons as well as group lessons for Short Game Programmes and Packages.

To find out more, email


Short Game Wizard Package - 1 hour short game assessment followed by 6x 1/2 hour short game lessons - £180.00




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