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Update Friday 8-5-20

Friday 8th May 2020

Due to the continued lockdown and the suspension of all leisure activities which includes golf, I have made the decision to refund all fees collected for the 2020 season. This will include everything so no one will be out of pocket, corporate or otherwise. In fact, I am refunding the full amount, not just 11 months even though the course was closed after the 3rd weekend in the year. My barometer with a business has always been how would I want to be treated. Would I be happy with this situation? Would I pay for the goods I am delivering? If the answer is no well don’t expect to be paid!

 At Craibstone some of the fees have been prepaid and this means that you the customer had to be comfortable in my integrity and financial ability to deliver what I said I would. Trust me, this responsibility was not taken lightly and this has been the driving force at the back of my mind to take the actions that I have. Throughout this pandemic it is becoming more apparent that our future world is changing and we need to change with it to ensure our survival. On top of all this Aberdeen is faced with a double blow, the turmoil in the oil industry. In reality this is going to translate into people having less finances to spend on leisure pursuits and the ripple effect this will have on the local economy.

Looking at Craibstone’s future; well again we will have to wait and see how this all develops and what appears at the other side. What I can categorically say is that the course and facilities are and will continue to be kept. The carpark was committed to and will be completed during this year so this should be taken as a sign of our continued commitment. Please keep in touch for details of what we have in mind for 2021. I have prepaid and secured the BRS system and the Club systems (How did you do) subscriptions for 2020 so all the handicaps can continue. We will when permitted reopen Craibstone as a pay and play on the day with any present member having the added benefit of the ability to record a score. Unfortunately, the competition side will have to start back again as restrictions allow, but we will be commencing these again.

Please bear with me to allow us to prepare and refund all the fees in a timely and organised manner. Further detailed correspondence will be forthcoming on a private platform.

Finally, I can only say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to all the people that have supported me over the past nine years I have been associated with Craibstone.

Charles R Marshall



At this point we have to point out that any payment made in the Craibstone office with regard to the use of the Studio has been handed to Lee and should be redeemed in whatever manner both parties can agree to. 

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