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Black Friday Promotions- Give the gift of golf this Christmas

Thursday 28th November 2019

Christmas Gift Vouchers and Promotions run up to Black Friday- only available till the 30th November.


Give the gift of Golf this Christmas with a Golf Gift Voucher starting from £20.00.

We have a wide array of promotions for you this Christmas, please email me to find out more, below are the offers for November including a special “Black Friday Offer”

Black Friday Offer

Short Game Wizard Programme 

This is a 6x 1 Hour short game Package that includes a Short Handicap Test to evaluate every area of the short game. Followed by 5x One Hour Sessions devoted to the Key areas that will help you to Lower your scores.

This package is worth £360.00, from now till 30th November, it is on offer for £180.00.

The Big One

1 x 1 hour sessions based on your personal development plan.

Monitoring your progress from lesson 1 thru to lesson 10.

This package is designed to transform your golfing skills, use of performance analysis metrics and goal setting session.

Cost - £397.00

Par Package 

5 x 1 hour sessions plus a 4 hole on course playing lesson, as well as a combine test to check your yardages and club suitability. 

7 hours of coaching/ instruction cost £247.00

Short Game Handicap Test

This is a one hour test , covering Putting, Chipping , Pitching, Bunkers and Distance Control Wedge Play.

At the end of this test, you will receive a handicap for your short game along with tips on how to improve.

Also included in this package is a follow up One- Hour lesson focussing on your 2 Key areas of development.

Cost -£90.00

Mini- Development Winter Development Plan.

6 sessions including - 1x 21 shot Trackman Combine Test
- 1x Short Game Handicap Test
Plus 4x 30 minute training sessions. 
Cost- £150

On course- 9 hole playing lesson. Reduced from £150 to £90.00

Learn how to transfer your driving range game to the course.
Learn how to make better decisions that will lower your scores
Learn how to deal with unwanted thoughts or challenging holes you always seem to play poorly.
Learn how Outcome thinking is ruining your score and understand what elements make up an effective Process Focussed Routine.

2 for 1 Deal

1 hour or 1/2 hour lesson purchased receive another one Free.
1 hour lesson cost - £60.00 = 2 x 1 hour for £60.00
1 2 hour lesson - £30.00 = 2x 1/2 hour for £30.00

Half - Day Golf Clinic 

3 and 1/2 hours of coaching from 9am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 4.30pm.

Short Game skill development focusing on the 2 weakest areas of your short game 
Long Game - swing analysis - take home your personal swing video analysis with a personalised practice improvement plan.
On course 6 hole course management session including green fees/ buggy fees.
Total cost - £120.00

Craibstone Indoor Simulator 

Play any of 17 world class courses as well as monitor your yardages, 

Half hour simulator session - £20.00
Full hour simulator session - £40.00
5 for the price of 4- 5x 1 hour for £160.00

Junior Golf lessons

6 x 1/2 hour development plan reduced from £150 to £99.00

3 x 1/2 hour lessons for £50.00

To secure your Black Friday - Cyber MONDAY discount - email and give the gift of golf this Christmas- Gift Vouchers can be sent out, payment taken over the phone on 0 968025781

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