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Consistency in Golf is a Myth.

Tuesday 7th April 2020

 Every golfer I speak with says if they could be more consistent, then they would become a much better golfer!

This sounds logical! Only when you come to realise that consistency in golf is elusive, it is in fact a MYTH.

Yes, you can improve the quality of your golf shots and become better in every area of your game, but when it comes to competitive golf, consistency is inconsistent! Playing the game better is all about handling adversity and accepting bad shots, being able to forget a poor shot is a skill that the best golfers have worked hard on to master.

One of the ways to become a better golfer is to practice for the game- this means hit different clubs and types of shots , do not hit the same club time and time again, even though you begin to hit a run of consistent shots, this is non transferable to the course. Much better to hit a driver, followed by a 5 iron followed by a wedge. Hit a high shot, then a low shot, play the ball back in your stance, try and slice one, then hit a big hook. If you can start practicing GOLF, then you will play better GOLF.

If you are able to hit in to a net at home, then make your practice variable by changing clubs and making different swing speeds as well as taking time between shots as that's what we do on the course.

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