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Craibstone Golf Academy Students Success.

Saturday 12th May 2018

Congratulations to Gary Gray on his recent success in the Masters Flag event.

Gary came for a lesson on his pitching , 2 weeks ago. His contacts were either ground first or thin, hitting the top of the ball. The fix to this issue was a very simple one, improved weight transfer, all of Gary’s weight, or pressure was on his trail foot at Impact. I asked Gary to focus his attention on putting pressure under his target foot on the forward swing, and this worked a treat. Gary told me that his improved wedge play was a major contributor to his success. 

Well done also to Duncan Barclay who also won the Div 3 monthly medal and Gordon Brown who took first place on Saturdays medal Div 1.


Special mention to Ian Milne who shot 81 on Saturday, Ian signed up for my Short Game Masterclass Sessions, and reported a big improvement in his chipping after only 1 session.

All of these golfers implemented a simple change to their set up and swing motion and saw almost immediate benefits on the course in competition.

If you would like to improve your Golf Scores, then sign up for my next Short Game Masterclass Starting Monday’s and Tuesdays 6-7 and 7-8pm. 



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