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Monday 16th September 2013

If you are like most golfers, then your idea of a warm up before you play, would be a coffee and a bacon roll. Now, given that our coffee and bacon rolls from the Brimond Bistro are delicious, I must confess I would be indulging also.

However, if you do not warm up your golfing muscles before you play , not only do you risk the likelihood of a poor start to your round, but you also maybe setting yourself up for a pulled muscle or strain.

 All top professionals have known of the benefits of stretching for years. Flexibility is the number 1 factor in making a good swing. You only have to watch junior golfers and see how far they can hit it. It's because they are supple and allow themselves to make a swing without tightening up.

10 minutes before your game is enough to prepare your body and mind for the start of your game.

Hold 2 clubs behind your neck, then lower back, and twist from right to left 10 times.

Holding a club at either end, stretch your arms as high above your head as possible, with your arms up high, reach down to your left side slowly and then your right side, 5 on each side.

10 to 15 squats, are great to get your blood flowing and warm up those muscles.

Now to the first tee, and please remember to swing the club with a SMOOTH Tempo.

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