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How’s Your GRIP!

Wednesday 31st January 2018

The only connection between you and the golf club is through your HANDS.

Good golfers understand this relationship, and are very sensitive to the FEEL of the CLUB.

Do you know that the Thickness of the GRIP or HANDLE on your CLUB has a massive IMPACT on the CONTROL you have of the Clubface at IMPACT.

If your GRIPS are too thin for the size of your hands, this can result in excessive Hand action thru Impact and cause the  clubface to close and send the ball flying off to the left hand rough, similarly, A grip that is too thick can result in leaving the clubface Open at Impact and Slicing your Ball away to the Right.

With the season only a few months away, make sure that your equipment is suitable for you.

I myself use grips which have 4 layers of tape underneath to build them up, this allows me to place my hands on with less pressure, which allows me to Swing the Clubhead with more Speed and generate more distance and control.

If you are unsure that your Grips are suitable for you or not, contact me to arrange a Club Check. Ben Hogan said that the average golfer would reduce his score by 3 shots, by having grips correctly fitted to their hand size.


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