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Keep it Simple- Lee Vannet's Mantra for Success!

Monday 10th February 2020

 How To Improve Your Golf Game!

 Well, let's start by letting you know, how NOT to improve your game.

1. Watching golf videos on YouTube. This will only lead to confusion, and you will skip from one idea to the next.

2. Read Golf Instructional Books and Magazines. Again, cconfusion reigns, as there are so many conflicting ideas, opinions and  Methods.

So, how should you go about getting better at this beautiful game.

Find out what the Basics are.

1. Grip - how you place the handle of the club in your fingers/ hands will have a massive impact on how good you will become.

2. Posture - how you stand to the ball, and also how you Aim your club and body, and position the ball in your stance, will all have massive impact on how you swing the club!

Improvement  happens when you have a plan. A PGA Professional can assess your game and implement an Improvement Plan structured to your specific needs! If you are frustrated with your game, book a lesson, and find out what you need to do to get better.

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