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North East Development Academy Session

Tuesday 13th November 2018

On Saturday 10th November, I delivered the 3rd session with the Development Squad at the Craibstone Short Game Academy.

The objective for this session was to find out just How good their short game is, with the aid of specific Short Game tasks.

Each of the 7 team members were given score cards with task instructions as well as score cards to measure proximity to hole for chipping and pitching as well as marking out various putts from 3 foot to 40 foot.

The tests require each player to create a Game Like intensity using their Pre-Shot Routine for every shot.

The level of commitment shown by All was very impressive.

The bigger picture for the team, is there next assignment, to set Specific Goals based on there Key Areas of Development.

In order to set these Goals, you need to know your statistics- the data recorded from the testing highlighted key areas for everyone, which in a number of cases was different from what they initially thought before the test began.

If you are keen to improve your Golf Performance and lower your scores, a good starting point would be to know your Short Game Handicap.

I offer a one- hour short game test, that will highlight your strengths/weaknesses and also includes advice on how to improve.

A follow up half hour session is also included in the £60.00 test fee.

This is one of my Christmas Promotions.

To sign up for this or for more info regarding other offers, email-

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