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October Golf Camp

Monday 28th October 2019

Last week we ran a 5 day golf camp at the academy.

We had a full compliment of 10 junior golfers, which was ideal for the Ryder Cup Challenge - a 6 hole Texas Scramble team event played each day, alongside many team games and challenges on the Academy range- with attention being paid mainly to Putting and short game skills- focussing on short game skills from an early age is critical in developing highly skilled players in the future.

Team USA were behind Team Europe all week long, but in the final days play - they turned up the heat and came romping through to win the series.

More importantly - all of the kids demonstrated very good Etiquette- I observed them repairing more than 1 pitch Mark per hole, great Attitude's and empathy and encouragement for others! 

Here  at the Craibstone Junior Golf Academy - my philosophy is to empower  all juniors to develop technical skills as well as tactical - become good decision makers , and MOST importantly help develop our juniors to become Great people who understand that in order to improve in any area of life- from academics to sport to friendships- you have to put in the Effort, and show Grit when things are not going well - we advocate a Growth Mindset which recognises that in order to improve - you must make mistakes and it's okay to make mistakes- that's how we learn! 
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