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The health benefits of golf

Friday 15th January 2021

Great to see our members out on the course today after a few weeks off with course closure due to snow and ice.

Not only do golfers benefit from the physical excercise of walking, the social aspect of golf is the most important factor in terms of ones mental health. In these days of lockdown where social interaction is limited, being able to play golf with another person ( at present) can be all someone requires to lift their spirits and feel better.

Talking of feeling better - I recently gave a lesson to one of our senior members ( aged over 70) who contacted me because he had lost lots of distance from his shots over the last few years. After chatting with him to understand what his concept of a swing was and observing him hitting shots, it was very easy to rectify his problem - 1- Grip too much in the palm and too much tension.

2- His concept of the swing was wrong- he was trying to move the club on a straight line back and through - once he realised the golf swing is a circular motion- he was able to generate way more clubhead speed and start hitting shots 15-20 yards longer than before-

The smile on his face was very rewarding - which was also a feel good factor for both myself and him.

I am very grateful that I can continue to coach during this lockdown period and have made every precaution to create a social distancing environment.

To book a lesson with myself - contact me by email -

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Happy and healthy golfing wishes for 2021.


Lee Vannet

Mobile - 07968025781


PGA AA Performance Golf Coach

Msc Performance Coaching 

UKCC Level 3 Coach 

Former European Tour Player 



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