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What’s your clubhead speed?

Monday 6th May 2019

If you are one of the 90% of all golfers who would like to hit it further, then you must increase your clubhead speed?

Well, that’s not entirely accurate!

If your clubhead speed is 100mph with your driver and your ball speed is 138 mph- then you are losing up to 12 mph because you are not striking the ball in the centre of the clubface and subsequent loss of distance could be as much as 30 yards. 

With the help of our TrackMan Launch Monitor - we are able to gather all the relevant data that will help to maximise your total distance- 

The key Data points That we look for in the Craibstone Golf Academy are 

1. Centredness of Strike- Smash Factor eg 100 mph x 1.50 Smash Factor = 150 mph Ball speed. If you can’t hit the middle of the clubface - you are leaking gas and losing distance.

2. Angle of Attack/ Approach of clubhead- if your driver is approaching the ball too steeply which would show as a negative number on TrackMan then you could lose as much as 25 yards of distance. The difference between a -5 degree negative ( downward ) angle of attack and a +5 degree ( upward) angle of attack is 25 yards.

3. Spin Loft- if your spin rate is too high due to a high spin loft which is dynamic loft of clubface too high with a steep angle of approach resulting in the ball spinning really high causing your ball to fall out of the sky with no roll.

4- Clubhead speed- if you present the club to the ball perfectly but have a low clubhead speed - your Ball will not go too far. Based on your technique, strength and flexibitly and Mindset I can design a training programme to help increase your speed.

Once all the information is gathered, I cam in most cases make a very simple adjustment to your set up, which can have a tremendous knock on effect to your Driving Distance.

If you think your Ball is not going as far as you would like- book a TrackMan Driving Optimization session and let me help you hit it past your golfing partners.

email - because everyone loves to hit it long and straight.


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