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The real shot is your 2nd serve in Tennis

In Tennis, if your first serve is wide, you get to play another for free. Pity it wasn't the sane in golf. Well, actually it is the same in golf.

It's called a Practise Swing, and some of you don't even make, and most if you don't make them properly.

When a Professional makes a practise swing, he is focusing on his Tempo, and the Feel of his total motion. And then proceeds to execute the shot with exactly the same feel as the practise swing.

The average amateur makes a practise swing, because he sees other golfers make one. Then stands up to the ball, and swings so fast , because all his Focus is on hitting the ball.

Can you see the difference between the 2 Types of Golfer. The professional focuses on making the correct swing, and cares not one bit about the ball.


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It's all about the right feel.